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Your imagination sets the limits

With a lifting capacity of up to 150kg/330lb, the range of applications is virtually unlimited. The installation of doors, windows, cabinets and kitchen appliances are obvious uses. Additionally, the construction of porches, decks, flooring and foundations are perfect opportunities to implement this ingenious tool. All this and much more can easily be achieved with controlled precision thanks to the unique construction of the VIKING ARM® tool.

Enhance productivity

Another great feature of the VIKING ARM® is that it reduces the number of hands required for installation work. Significantly enhancing efficiency for professionals in addition to reducing frustration among home improvers. Most importantly it saves time, money and your...back!

The VIKING ARM® – A Professional Tool for All.

Keep it Clean and Lubricate

Debris and dust can cause damage over time. Cleaning the tool regularly is essential for proper functionality. Simply wipe it clean with a clothe, lubricate the shaft and moving parts, then wipe it clean again. If the arm is dirty, provide a good wash with water and soap. Do not use any other detergents. Dry it, oil it and wipe over. You may lubricate with any fine technical oil.
When not in use, store your Viking Arms in a dry area, safe from moisture and dust.

Features and advantages

  • Innovative universal tool
  • Lift, press and tighten with precision and control
  • Incremental lowering with millimeter precision
  • Impressive capacity for a compact hand tool
  • Patented technical solutions
  • May substitute multiple “traditional” tools
  • Inspires creativity, secures quality and safety
  • Increases productivity, saves time and money
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Components of the highest quality
  • Made in Norway

Key specifications

  • Stainless steel / Hardened carbon steel / Aluminum
  • Capacity: up to 150 kg = 330 lb
  • Operation range (mm): 7-215
  • Standard base (mm): 6 x 105 x 87
  • Optional base (mm): 3 x 77 x 62
  • Mounting holes for safe operations
  • Weight: 1,4 kg = 3,0 lb
  • Extensively tested by FIMTECH (Norway)

Company Viking Arm AS owns intellectual property rights relating to the VIKING ARM™ tool marketed and sold by Viking Arm AS and its’ official distribution partners and resellers.

VIKING ARM™ tool is protected by the international patent WO2019/160424 and WO 2020/209731.
The company’s logo and the name VIKING ARM™ (Trademark) are the property of Viking Arm AS company. Viking Arm AS has patents and registered Trademarks in several countries.

Please promptly report to us any suspected infringement of VIKING ARM™'s patents or Trademarks. Please provide all available details regarding the identity of the alleged infringer and the suspected infringing activity.

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