Partner story

The story of the VIKING ARM® is nothing short of a love story that began at “Bygg Reis Deg 2019”, the largest trade fair for the construction industry in Norway.

We had just started manufacturing the VIKING ARM® tool, so our stand was neither big nor spectacular, but we managed to really catch the attention of visitors. We experienced a genuine “tsunami” of interest from professional craftsmen and enthusiastic homeowners. Sales kicked off at a dizzying pace.

A strong distribution partner

It became apparent that we needed a strong distribution partner to meet the growing demand for VIKING ARM® tools. Such partner could support our growth by providing necessary market visibility and guiding us along the product commercialization pipeline.

From the very start, our ambition has been to become a global company, so when Würth invited us to talk about manufacturing the  VIKING ARM® for their customers, we were more than happy to meet with them.

A global market

Sales of  Würth Viking Arm began in Norway, but soon the market reach was extended to other European countries, Australia, China and New Zealand. Currently we continue our constructive dialogue with Würth discussing an expansion into other national markets.

The Würth Group is a global market leader in its core business and currently consists of over 400 companies in more than 80 countries. Read about Würth:

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