Viking Arm goes to New Zealand

We are pleased to announce that after successful market test Würth New Zealand have placed a first purchase order for Viking Arm.

The customers in New Zealand  are known for their quality consciousness, therefore we strongly believe that they will love our tool. You can immediately feel high quality, down to the very last detail, when you hold Viking Arm in your hand.

The region of Australasia (Australia, New Zealand) represents exciting market opportunities for Viking Arm. According to our conservative estimates the annual market capacity of the region lies in the range of 25,000 units sold. We have already initiated a study with the purpose to investigate feasibility of establishing an assembly facility in Australia. Subject to the market development, such move would enable us to reduce transportation costs and offer more efficient logistics.

We are proud to be Würth’s partners and thank them for cooperation.

The market capacity of the region is in the range of 25,000 units sold annually

About Würth

The Würth Group is world market leader in its core business, the sale of assembly and fastening materials. It currently consists of over 400 companies in more than 80 countries and has approximately 78,500 employees on its payroll. Approximately 34,000 of these are permanently employed sales representatives. According to the annual financial statement, the Würth Group generated total sales of EUR 14.3 billion in the business year 2019.

In the core business, the Würth Line, the product range for craft and industry comprises over 125,000 products: From screws, screw accessories and anchors to tools, chemical-technical products and personal protection equipment. (Source: