Viking Arm appoints first CTO

We are very delighted to welcome Eligiusz Berdychowski (Lidek) as our first Chief Technical Officer.

As CTO and a member of our small dynamic management team, Lidek  will provide invaluable assistance to all areas of the business. He will drive development of new strategies to streamline the overall production process with objective to increase productivity and secure quality.  He will manage the process of Viking Arm manufacturing in alignment with the customer demands and quality standards while ensuring compliance to health, safety, and regulatory requirements.

One of the main tasks of our new CTO will be ensuring smooth operations by effectively managing costs, logistics, supplier and customer relations.

Lidek possesses valuable engineering expertise and many years of project management experience from FIMTECH AS – our key technology partner.  As CTO he will coordinate Viking Arms tools optimization and development of new product roadmaps.  Lidek will manage the flow of information and documentation between product design, engineering, and manufacturing partners.

Together we will build, maintain, and grow manufacturing partnerships in order to meet our business objectives and customer demand worldwide.

The entire team of Viking Arm is thrilled to welcome Lidek on board.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."  -Helen Keller