Pleasant surprise

Our production team was taken by surprise  when Gustav Brustad-Nilsen unexpectedly showed up today just  to say «Hello» and test some new accessories we are working on.  Gustav shared with us his valuable feedback from working with Viking Arm as a professional on a daily basis. Such input is  extremely important for developing our innovation roadmap.

Thanks, Gustav, and Happy New Year!  ! Out with the old, in with the new! Sending you our best wishes for better days ahead in 2021.

TV series «Eventyrlig Oppussing» (Adventurous Renovation), 2015 –   

During holidays, Norwegians flock to the mountains and the archipelago for the simple cabin life. During the 20th century, close to 400 000 cabins were built in Norway, many without running water or electricity. Many cabins are now becoming run down and are in need of renovation. In this series, interior designer Halvor Bakke and his carpenter friends Ole Rosén-Lystrup and Gustav Brustad-Nilsen travel around Norway, renovating and updating cabins located in some very fantastic places.

Interior designer Halvor Bakke and his carpenter friends, Gustav Brustad-Nilsen and Ole Rosén-Lystrup