Viking Arm review in The Decorator

It goes without saying that we were pleasantly surprised when we received the latest issue of «The Decorator» with a review of Viking Arm written by award winning decorator, Wayne de Wet:

«Like many PDA Members, I am a multi-skilled tradesperson. So as you can imagine, I have a tool for everything… Well I thought I did!

Viking Arm is a remarkable Norwegian high quality multi-use tool, suitable for all professional trades, and that serious DIYer… It gives you a tool to help with so many jobs. Manufactured using hardened stainless steel and aluminium, Viking Arm is as strong as Viking! Weighing only 1.4kg this tool is definitely NOT flimsy, with an impressive 150kg capacity to Lift, Lower, Press or Tighten, yet still giving me accurate control over a range from 6mm to 215mm. The standard base measures 5mm x 105mm x 87mm, but an optional base made from hardened carbon steel is available, along with a smaller 3mm x 77mm x 62mm base. All have mounting holes for added safe use.

To use Viking Arm as a clamping tool, remove the lock screw (but keep this in a safe place!), press and hold the right trigger whilst pulling out the shaft, fully insert the shaft from the other end whilst holding down the right trigger.

So far I’ve used Viking Arm to effortlessly remove/replace doors, lift an oak bath panel whilst I pre-drill and then fix with mirror screws, and pressing some skirting whilst the adhesive set.

Viking Arm has so many uses, limited only by your creativity!»

You can find Wayne on @ToolTalk1 (Instagram)

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