Viking Arm employee becomes Norwegian Bodybuilder Champion

Congrat to our own Marius «Viking» Osmundsen who just won the Norwegian Bodybuilder Championship 2021.

Marius did not only win his -90 kg class, he also won the prestigious Overall class! When asked for how long he has been training for this and what his future plans are, he said «I participated in my first competition 7 years ago in 2014, and now, on the exact same day 7 years later, I managed to climb to the top in the Norwegian Bodybuilder Championship». «Now I am aiming for the World Bodybuilding Championship in Spain in November, and I am going for gold», he says with a big grin.

When Marius is not training or competing, he is one of our great production guys that assemble and tests the Viking Arms. So if you got an Viking Arm, you may very well have one our big viking has produced.
We cheer for you Marius – Put your viking hat on and go and conquer the World Championship title.