An updated version of the Viking Arm has seen the light

With the mission to develop new efficient tools with the highest quality, we are enthusiastic about innovation and are constantly working on improvement and optimization of our products.

We have produced and delivered our last batch of the original Viking Arm, and have now full focus on producing the latest updated version. The functionality and high quality is the same.

What’s new?

The Lock & Release mechanism has a new design that provides even more reliable function under variable loads. The new design also makes the conversion to “clamp mode” easer and simplifies any assembly of the tool.Viking Arm gen.2

New 6mm thick baseplate and bars (“feet”) of hardened steel practically eliminates the possibility of bending the bars unless it is heavily overloaded or misused. Se Viking Arm Load Diagrams on

1 ½ year after our successful market launch of Viking Arm tool, we are selling our products in 32 countries. Being motivated by proof of our ambitious expectations and excellent feedback from the customers we are excited to continue to strive for perfection!