• Mayor Lisbeth Hammer Krog (Bærum) visited Viking Arm

    together with Aksel Aanesen from Bærum Næringsråd and Unni Larsen from SmartCity Bærum.

The reason for the visit was that in November 2022, the Viking Arm company had the honor of receiving the “Entrepreneurship award 2022” in Bærum, Norway. The award was presented by Mayor Lisbeth Hammer Krog (Bærum municipality) in cooperation with several prominent partners for businesses. Viking Arm’s founder Øivind Resch accepted the award on behalf of the company and co-founder Terje Scheen. Some of the main criterions for the award was innovation, entrepreneurship, prominence, and economy.

Entrepreneur of the year 2022 Award - Photo: Lidek Berdychowski
They now wanted to hear more about the company, and we had a great meeting with info exchange where we told our guests more about Viking Arm and our plans. While they told us more about their plans and how they work to facilitate a good climate for businesses in the area, especially encouraging innovative, environmental, and future-oriented businesses.

The meeting ended with a guided tour on the premises.