Based on input from experienced carpenters and installation experts using the Viking Arm, we have launched accessories that makes the jobs even easier. The accessories have been very well received by the market, and we are still rolling them out globally.

The BASE PAD is equipped with non-slip rubber protection. Slide it onto the foot of your Viking Arm to protect the surface you place your Viking Arm on, while the non-slip surface secures that your Viking Arm stays where it should.Viking Arm Base Pad

fits over your Viking Arm’s lifting bars. The non-slip rubber surface protects the object you are lifting and helps it stay in place. Perfect when lifting glass objects, steel objects, ceramics, drywalls and more.
Viking Arm Lifting Pad
The CABINET INSTALLATION KIT (CIK) is a must-have for kitchen cabinet installers with a Viking Arm. Install top cabinets easier and quicker than ever before, still with the precision of the Viking Arm. Slide the extender over your Viking Arm and it will now lift/lower and hold cabinets up to 50 kg/110 lbs (per. extender). Max lifting height is 60 cm/23.7 inches. The top of the extender is equipped with non-slip rubber padding, protecting the bottom surface of the cabinet.

Included in the kit is also the new BASE PAD to slide onto the foot of the Viking Arm so you don’t scratch the bench/surface, and the new LIFTING PAD that will protect objects you lift when you don’t need to use the extender.Cabinet Installation Kit (CIK) consist of an extender, base pad and lifting pad. All equipped with non-slip rubber padding