We are pleased to announce that our products are now available for customers in Romania. 

Romania Flag and Viking Arm - Thumbnail

Romanian customers can now buy Viking Arm tool, accessories and tool sets online through the Romanian website www.oblu.ro 
The webstore is managed by the passionate hand tools enthusiast and extraordinary craftsman – Mr. Gabriel Oana.

We met Gabriel in May at the Eisenwarenmesse in Bergamo (Italy).
At VIKING ARM, we were really impressed by his personal drive, positive attitude and wholehearted interest in our tools and solutions. We immediately realized that Gabriel’s store was just the perfect sales channel for such a premium tool as Viking Arm.

Everything you will find in this store is the result of my searches and trials. I bought, I tried, and you see here only what was right. Products that did not pass the test are not here. And it never will be”, Gabriel Oana

We are excited to have Gabriel as our partner in Romania and look forward to what the future of this partnership will bring.Oblu is selling Viking Arm in Romania