Japan - Important milestone in Viking Arm’s global expansion.

We are pleased to announce that Viking Arm has entered into a distribution agreement with TRUSCO NAKAYAMA Corporation in Japan. We are currently in the process of preparing the first batch of Viking Arm products for shipment. The sales are planned to start from April. Never Stop MONODZIKURI! This is how TRUSCO define their mission. MONODZIKURI means manufacturing in a unique Japanese way. This term includes intangible qualities such as craftsmanship and dedication to continuous improvement. Viking Arm team shares the mission and is 100% dedicated to the partner’s business philosophy. The key principles of the agreement with TRUSCO are based on Trust and Honour.

Our partner is the largest distributor of tools in the Japanese market with a turnover of about USD 1 760 million.  The company is a wholesaler of professional tools supplied by 3 273 domestic and overseas brands including Viking Arm from Norway.   From the headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, the company operates 59 sales offices and 28 distribution centres. The TRUSCO catalogue includes stunning number of items – 3 650 000 pieces.

We look forward to demonstrating the quality of Viking Arm tools to the TRUSCO’s customers.   We will do our utmost to maintain MONODZIKURI on the highest level.