NEW! Viking Arm Long

Viking Arm® Long is just like the original Viking Arm, except that you lift/lower and do micro adjustments from a STANDING position. The capacity is also the same. Lifting range from 6 mm/0.24 inch to 215 mm/8.46 inches and a max recommended lifting capacity of 150 kg/330 lb. The handle is placed approximately 75 cm/29.5 inches above the ground. It comes with a larger base plate (feet) as standard. The feet is 58 mm/2.28 inches long in front, which is 20mm/0.79 inch longer than the regular base plate. The standing position and the extra large feet makes Viking Arm Long perfect for installation of doors, glass panels, dry walls, cabinets and much more. Length 234 mm. Width 125 mm. Height 1006 mm. Weight 3.29 kg.

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