NEW! Decking Kit DK2

Want to do speed-decking of the terrasse? With the accessory Decking Kit for your Viking Arm you can.

Use your Viking Arms to level, press, squeeze the foundation into place. Pick up your Decking Kit and mount the shaft extenders and the clamp lock to your Viking Arm, and you are ready to speed up the decking. Press several boards in place at the same time. Straighten warped boards. Fasten them all before doing the next several rows.

Decking Kit DK2 consists of
1 x Hard shell zip case
2 x Shaft extenders for clamping (gives your Viking Arm a total clamping length of 70.5 cm / 27.8 in.
2 x Clamp lock
15 x 4 mm spacers

Note 1: The DK2 hard shell case is the same as used for DK4 with the double amount of content. Meaning there is room for adding more of the decking accessories if you want to buy more separately later.
Note 2: You can add an extender on top of the other extender «infinite» times, making your clamp as long as you want to. Increasing the length by 33 cm / 13 inch each time.

Dimension Hard shell zip case: L45 mm, W17 mm, H80 mm, Weight 1.9 kg

Art: 0312

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