The optional Viking Arm® CIK is ideal for quick and precise installation of wall cabinets. This one-man operation eliminates the need for a second (or third!) person to lift up to 60cm / 23.7 inch and hold an object up to 50 kg / 110lbs per kit in place. It gives the user the ability to work independently, fast, and with the precision of the Viking Arm®. The CIK is made of light-weight fiberglass PA and non-slip/non-scratch TPE. The kit comes with both a non-slip/non-scratch Base Pad and a Lifting Pad. CIK dimensions 243 – 385 x 115 x 104mm. 0.640kg.

NOTE! Fits «generation 2» Viking Arms and later (those with only 1 spiral spring).  
If your Viking Arm have two spiral springs, you have gen.1 and this accessory will not fit.

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